Strength Training


Isn't strength training about lifting heavy weights?

Only if you want it to be!

It's about getting stronger in the body's basic movements.

It's about looking and feeling great.

It's about moving well and feeling stronger in your daily life.

It's about supporting your body in the aging process.

The benefits of strength training include:

  • Builds right muscle in the right places

  • Supports weight- and fat loss

  • Helps increase metabolism

  • Boosts body image and self-worth

  • Assists with better sleep and insomnia

  • Increases mobility, flexibility and stamina

  • Improves daily performance of tasks

  • Increases overall sense of wellbeing


Alex Campbell Transformation is a coaching and training business. If you have any health concerns or pre-existing medical conditions please consult with a registered medical professional before entering into a training and nutrition programme. 

The business will not share your private information with third parties, and will only use it to contact you regarding your website or email queries.

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