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I offer individualised training and nutrition programmes to my clients developed on evidence-based practices and research.

  • Builds muscle in the right place 

  • Supports weight - and fat loss

  • Helps increase metabolism

  • Boosts body image and self-worth 

  • Assists with better sleep and insomnia

  • Increases mobility, flexibility, and stamina 

  • Improves daily task performance

  • Increases overall sense of well-being 

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strength training

  • Develop healthy eating habits 

  • Focus on personal goals

  • Create accountability 

  • Sustainable weight loss

  • Work with your preferences 

  • Consider your tolerances 

  • Get the results you want 

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nutrition coaching

  • Creating a personalised plan for you

  • Understanding your needs, goals and preferences

  • Providing accountability and support to help you succeed

  • Finding processes that work for you

  • Making the process fun and fulfilling.

Crossfit Class

body transformation

  • Scientific nutrition principles

  • Developing healthy nutrition habits

  • Eating a well-balanced variety of foods

  • Not eliminating entire food groups

  • Enjoying what you eat

  • Eating what you enjoy.

Fitness Training

weight loss

  •  A healthy and resilient heart 

  • Increased vitality and longevity

  • Increased endurance stamina and overall physical performance

  • Lower risk of chronic diseases - diabetes, high blood pressure or cancer

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