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Working On Working Out...

From spending hours in the gym every day and over many many years, I have observed thousands people training either by themselves or with a personal trainer. There are definitely some proficient trainers, but there are also many that appear clueless and outdated in their training approaches. Almost just making it up as they go along!?

It’s called exercise science for a reason! There are scientific principles that should be applied to develop a strength-training programme for an individual.

Good training technique is important to maximise results and minimise the potential for injury. However, this seems to be mostly ignored by those in the gyms. Time and again I see the most odd “exercise” movements being invented, and I really struggle to fathom how and why this is happening!? It’s certainly very creative, but much of it is practically useless when trying to achieve strength and physique goals.

Important considerations when working on an effective, sustainable plan include, but are not limited to:

  • Goals,

  • Training history,

  • Genetics,

  • Diet,

  • Lifestyle,

  • Athletic capabilities, and

  • Training preferences.

And this is what I see from trainers and people considered to be in good condition! You may assume that someone who is in good shape must know what they are doing… This is sadly not true! Some people are simply genetically blessed and were in good shape even before they walked into a gym. These are the same people who tend to get great results even whilst training “badly”. And never forget that some use performance-enhancing supplements and/or drugs to get the results that they do.

The bottom line is that copying someone who is already in shape is generally a bad idea, because you cannot be sure of how they got there. If you are not genetically blessed you will need to have an individually-structured and optimised training programme relevant to your goals and abilities. A training programme that is based on the scientific principles of strength training. And unfortunately if you don’t approach your training in this way – nothing is going to change! You’ll simply be “spinning your wheels” and ultimately be getting nowhere, and then it really is only a matter of time until you give up.

If you are a highly motivated person, you could work with a trainer for a limited period in order to develop a training routine and programme, and then check in every so often to adapt and modify your training plan. If you find it challenging to stay motivated in the gym, having the accountability of working with a coach makes it much easier to stay focused. If you are the latter, don't be hard on yourself - most people find it difficult to stick to a consistent exercise and training programme. But this doesn't mean you can't get the results you want. Working with a coach a couple of times a week can support your training programme in a way that gets great results and sustainable transformation.

It’s important to remember that at the end of the day, the MOST IMPORTANT factor of any training programme is personal preference. In other words, the optimal programme for you is the one that will actually want to do and be able to stick to in the long run. If this sounds like something you can relate to, let’s get together and have a chat, and together we can develop an individualised training and nutrition programme that works for you.

Remember when starting a new programme:

  • Get clear on your goals,

  • Talk to your coach about your personal preferences,

  • Be upfront about your resources,

  • Decide on a realistic training schedule,

  • Combine training with an effective eating plan,

  • Create a growth mindset.

To chat to me about training and nutrition coaching, feel free to WhatsApp me on +27(61)436-7499 or contact us here.

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