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Less is More ~ The Power of Habits-Based Nutrition Coaching

Without action there can be no successful results.

So, it's behaviour and habits, not ideas and knowledge that are necessary for success. Goal setting, visualisations and affirmations can be useful, but if they don't lead to action they are useless.

So how do we keep developing the habits and taking the actions necessary to keep progressing?

We do it ONE HABIT at a time.

Research has shown that focusing on one habit at a time dramatically increases the chance of success over trying to change too much all at once. This methodology has been popularised by Leo Babuata who wrote the bestselling book, "The Power of Less".

Over a two year period he:

  • Quit smoking

  • Lost 40 pounds

  • Went from being a non-runner to a marathon runner

  • Tripled his income

  • Wrote a novel and a non-fiction book

  • Eliminated his debt

According to Babuata there are certain rules you need to follow in order to succeed, and these include:

  • Focus on only one habit at a time.

  • Choose an easy goal.

  • Choose something measurable.

  • Be consistent.

  • Report daily.

  • Keep a positive attitude.

The power of coaching is in how it can support the above framework to ensure success:

  • Coaching means that we work together to uncover the most meaningful habits and then how and when to implement them.

  • Coaching is about helping you measure your progress. After all results are the biggest motivator.

  • Coaching means being accountable to yourself and to your coach which ensures consistency day-in and day-out.

  • Coaching is about giving you the necessary direction to overcome the inevitable obstacles and setbacks.

Change is difficult. And weight loss is particularly difficult. However, with the right coach in your corner, offering ongoing support, encouragement and direction, transformation is possible!

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