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Building and toning muscles is a combination of the right training and nutrition. By focusing on form & execution, strength training will help you look & feel great. It's about being healthy and doing the best exercise for your body &  goals.

Alex's approach focuses on:

  • body-weight exercises,

  • exercises using cables and resistance bands,

  • movement using free weights like barbells, dumbbells and kettle bells,

  • the use of weight machines

  • form and execution support.

weight loss

Weight loss is about eating and exercise optimally. In order to loss weight and maintain your progress, you need to create a healthy relationship with your body and food. Consistent habits ensure that your progress is sustainable and that your goals are achievable.

Alex's approach focuses on:

  • scientific nutrition principles

  • developing healthy nutrition habits

  • eating a well-balanced variety of foods

  • not eliminating entire food groups

  • enjoying what you eat

  • eating what you enjoy.

body transformation

Body transformation is a process of working out well and eating in a way that creates realistic, sustainable change. Working with a coach means that you can get the results you want, by having the right support and accountability.

Alex's approach focuses on:

  • creating a personalised plan for you

  • understanding your needs, goals and preferences

  • providing accountability and support to help you succeed

  • finding processes that work for you

  • making the process fun and fulfilling.

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